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La fiesta latina

LA FIESTA LATINA is a Mexican and Latino Restaurant with a Canadian side. The owners grateful and living in multicultural city as Ottawa. They had the dream to open a Mexican restaurant and the same time to offer Latino food for everyone to see how large is the cuisine of all Latino American countries and similarities with teh Mexican cuisine with full of flavor and same ingredients but different dishes. As Mexican-Canadians Mother and son worked very hard to make possible this dream of opening Restaurant in the city they called home and show their Canadian side on their dishes creating some fusions offer as specials.

Together built a cooking team professional cooks with more than 40 years combine on cooking traditional and authentic dishes from different regions in Mexico / South America. The recipies are made of traditional cuisine but with secret recipies from the family, grandma and great grantma.

FOOD AND PEOPLE. The dream to bring families, friends, singles all together to one place to enjoy the pleasures of life eating delicious, make memories and have a good time with our food and friendly atmosphere. La Fiesta Latina believes that food and people are the best combination.

Feb 04, 2022  
$15.00 - $18.00 hourly
Plan and direct food preparation and cooking activities of several restaurants in an establishment, restaurant chains, hospitals or other establishments with food services Consult with clients regarding weddings, banquets and specialty functions Plan menus and ensure food meets quality standards Estimate food requirements and may estimate food and labour costs Supervise activities of sous-chefs, specialist chefs, chefs and cooks Arrange for equipment purchases and repairs Recruit and hire staff May prepare and cook food on a regular basis, or for special guests or functions. Sous-chefs Supervise activities of specialist chefs, chefs, cooks and other kitchen workers Demonstrate new cooking techniques and new equipment to cooking staff May plan menus and requisition food and kitchen supplies May prepare and cook meals or specialty foods. Chefs and specialist chefs Prepare and cook complete meals or specialty foods, such as pastries, sauces, soups, salads,...
La fiesta latina 565 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, ON, Canada Full time