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Frequently Asked Questions


Applicants/Job seekers:






The following Frequently Asked Questions are designed to address questions and comments specifically related to your use of NativeJobs.ca. If you have additional queries, please contact us at info@NativeJobs.ca.

Applicants/Job seekers


Q. Cost. Do applicants pay to use NativeJobs.ca?

A. All NativeJobs.ca provided applicant services are currently  free of charge.

Q. Registrations. Do I have to register to use NativeJobs.ca?

A. Registration is not required to search the database for job openings or applying any job. However, it is recommended that you sign up for Job Alerts and Post a Resume features which require registration.

Q. Registrations. How do I register as an applicant?

A. To Post a Resume Click Here. To sign up for Job Alerts Click Here.

Q. Resume. How do I post my resume on NativeJobs.ca?

A. After you have registered, you can submit your resume. You can paste in text or add your resume as a file.

Q. Applicant. How to apply for the job?

A. Applicant can apply with two ways; first one, find link “Apply Now” at the bottom of the job post or at the right side of the job post

, then click it and enter your name, email and attach your resume and click send application. Second way is, you can note down the email in the job description and email it from your own email account. 

Q. Applicant e-mail notifications. How do I get notified of job openings meeting my characteristics?

A. After you set up Job Alerts, you are automatically notified via e-mail when new jobs are added.

Q. Applicant accounts. How do I change my profile or resume?

A. After you have registered, you can use your Email and Password at any time to make changes. You can Login Here.

Q. Applicant accounts. How long will my account stay active?

A. Applicant accounts that are dormant for twelve months or if your listed e-mail account becomes invalid. You can also unsubscribe by clicking on the Unsubscribe button when you receive an email alert.




Q. Employer Account: How do I establish an Employer Account with NativeJobs.ca?

A. Click here to open an Employer Account. Complete the Employer Account Information template, then press "Register". Immediately thereafter you are ready to start entering your job posting(s).

Q. Job listing. How do I post a job opening on NativeJobs.ca?

A. After you login, on the My Account page click on "Job Postings" then "Post a Job" then select your product.

A template will appear and you can enter your job listing. In the boxes Job Description, Preferred and Required Qualifications, and Application Details, you can type or paste in text. When finished entering the new job listing, click on "Preview" then "Post".

Q. Cost. How much do employers pay to use NativeJobs.ca?

A. NativeJobs.ca charges employers a processing fee for each job listing. Click here to view the current rates.

Q. Print Job listing. How can I print or create a PDF of my job listing?

A. This can be done by opening up your job post page and then go to the bottom of the page and click button “Print”.

Q. Job listing. How can I duplicate a job listing?

A. This can be done very efficiently. You can either (on your My Account page) click "Post a Job," or you can open one of your current job postings and use the "Duplicate" feature. Your current job will be cloned and you can then make changes to reflect your new job posting. (This avoids you entering repetitive information twice.)

Q. Job listing. How long will it be before applicants can see my job listing(s)?

A. A few seconds after you enter your job listing(s) it will be visible on the world wide web. To see your job listing(s), click on our logo or go to www.NativeJobs.ca, click on "Jobs" and scroll down to your job listing(s) and click on it.

Q. Job listing. How long is a job listing posted on NativeJobs.ca?

A. It depends upon which product you have bought, for example “1 Job post” Job is posted for up to 365 days, and all other combo job packages’ Jobs are posted for up to 180 days. These jobs can expire early too if you have specifically enter the expiry date.

Q. Job listing. How can I find my job post?

A. There are two ways, first one is without logging in to your account. In the job search bar, you can try employer name or Job ID or the position title then click “find jobs” button and it will list jobs and you can check yours.

or, second way is through your account,  login to your account and click job postings



It will list all the jobs, Click on the job title of the job which you want to view

And, then click view job and it can be viewed  and printed from that page too.

Q. E-mail alerts. Why are e-mail alerts to applicants so great and is there an extra fee?

A. The e-mail alert feature is extremely beneficial as it brings your job listing to the applicant's attention and gives you broad exposure. After applicants establish their profile, our Smart Agent automatically matches their profile with jobs that are entered into the database by employers. Applicants are then personally notified via e-mail alerting them of the matching job listing. E-mail alerts are included in the processing fee.

Q. Resume database. How can we access the resume database and is there a extra fee?

A. Employers can enter the resume database through their Employer Account. You will be able to see resumes of applicants matching the job categories of your job listings. The number of resumes varies significantly per discipline. Applicants in disciplines with tighter job markets and applicants trying to keep their job search confidential prefer to sign up for the e-mail alerts to publishing their resume in a public database. There is no extra charge to access the resume database.

Q. Payment. How do I pay for the processing fee of our job opening?

A. The processing fee is due upon submission of the job listing. You can pay immediately by credit card or PayPal.

Q. Payment. How can we pay the processing fee in a foreign currency?

A. By using the credit card payment option you will be charged by your credit card company the equivalent of the amount due in your local currency.

Q. Invoice. How can I print my invoice?

A. On your “My Account” page click "Invoices" and it will show you all invoices. Click on the “invoice#” and it will open up full invoice which can be downloaded by clicking button “Download Invoice”

Q. Employer Account. How do I make changes in my Employer Account?

A. Log in to your Employer Account, then go to the Company Profile Section.

Q. Job editing. How do I change the information in our job listing?

A. Employers can make changes to their job listings at any time. Just enter your Employer login, then go to the Job Postings section as per below picture


Then, Click on the job title

And, please do required changes, and click Save at the bottom.

Q. Job listing. Can we renew our posted job?

A. Yes, you can renew a job opening. Just enter your Employer Account, then go to the Job Postings Section and click on the link to the job you want to renew. Then click on Duplicate. You will again be charged a processing fee. New e-mail alerts will be sent out as well.

Q. Job listing. How do we delete our job opening from NativeJobs.ca?

A. Job openings will be automatically removed from NativeJobs.ca after being posted for 180 days or 365 days depending upon the package.  If you just want to make your post offline then use "Make hidden". To delete permanently, just enter your Employer login, and go to job posting as shown below


Then, Click on the job title

And, click delete Job


Q. Scope. Which provinces and territories are covered by NativeJobs.ca?

Nativejobs.ca has a national presence (Canada wide) as a job portal. We have employers from all over Canada who post jobs and opportunities which are scattered in all over the different provinces and territories. Same way, we have applicants from coast to coast within Canada who apply for these jobs. We also have thousands of applicants who have registered themselves for job alerts to get the jobs in their inboxes as soon as the matching jobs get publish on our job portal.

Q. Legal. Are there any terms or conditions for using NativeJobs.ca?

A. Yes, by using NativeJobs.ca applicants and employers warrant that they have reviewed the terms and conditions in the Terms and Conditions section of the web site and agree to fully comply to all terms and conditions. Just click on the Terms and Conditions  link to view our service agreement.

Privacy Policy

Job Seeker personal data will be available to Employers visiting Native Jobs. Personal data includes a Name which is mandatory, an email Address which is mandatory and a Telephone Number which is optional and any other personal data you may have entered into your profile.

Personal data provided by the user may be used by Native Jobs to notify the user of any news, and or promotional offers relating only to the Native Jobs website. The user can unsubscribe from these notifications at anytime.

Native Jobs will not disclose user personal data to any third party.