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We develop packaging solutions with significant customer benefits and thereby support the growth, innovation and long-lasting success of our customers. In the process, we set standards with regard to technology, efficiency and reliability and are conscious of the need for an economical use of packaging materials and other resources.

Jun 28, 2022  
$25.00 hourly
Support the operation, supervisors, managers, and staff of our office in different areas in a professional and timely manner. Review and adjust office procedures to increase efficiency and organization. Responsible for writing correspondence, and other marketing or communication materials, such as brochures, letters, reports, invoices and responding to emails in a timely manner. Organize emails and correspondence on a regular basis, determine the respective person who should be made aware of correspondence. Also, using judgment and experience, raise flags on urgent communications received and communicate with Managers to inform and follow directions. Must provide excellent customer service. The job requires answering the phones and communicating on a daily basis with customers and employees. Professional and cordial communication must be used when answering questions on the phone or in person. Must greet visitors in a pleasant manner. In situations of conflict, must...
75 MILLIKEN BLVD Full time
Feb 25, 2022  
$42.00 hourly
Liaise with the executive team and managers in different departments to make decisions for operational activities and set strategic goals (Example of areas of involvement include – HR, Finance, Marketing, Administration). Plan, evaluate, direct and monitor the day-to-day running of departments to ensure smooth progress and adherence to procedures, budgets and timelines. Supervise staff from different departments and provide constructive feedback. Hire professional and responsible staff. Carry out all policies and prepare reports established by Head Office and the General Manager. Review budgets and inform directors of any significant increases and/or concerns. Conduct employee performance evaluations as prescribed and ensure that all employees are trained for their positions to maximize service, production and efficiency; control staffing, maximize profits and control costs. Investigate and supervise authoritative activities related to project planning, contracting,...
75 MILLIKEN BLVD Full time