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Glenview Vineyards
Image by Kym Ellis

Glenview Vineyards

Handcrafted for perfect moments

Handcrafted for perfect moments!


Glenview Vineyards began more than two decades ago because of our love for great wines. We opened our first custom winery in St Catharines, Ontario in 1998.


Our goal is simple: help our customers make exceptional wines at affordable prices. We want to bring the vineyard to you. It has always been about quality and our wines are backed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Aug 04, 2022  
$50.00 hourly
Work location: 1249 Eighth Avenue Louth, St Catharines, ON, L2R 6P7 Job Duties: Analyze the market, identify opportunities, develop a brand strategy, and produce sub-segmentation analyses based on the needs and preferences of individual consumers. Develop the effective marketing strategies to increase sales within wine industry market segments based on an analysis of the industry's market segments. Prepare insightful reports on customers, consumer trends, pricing, volumes, and the competitive landscape regarding the implementation of the wine market strategies. Develop the "Glenview" brand through new media means and raise brand awareness in order to attract consumers to Glenview Vineyards. Incorporate extensive knowledge and experience pertaining to customers, competitors, and the market conditions into activity plans to improve customer engagement. Keep abreast of dynamic e-commerce market dynamics as well as best-in-class activations in...
Glenview Vineyards 1249 Eighth Avenue Louth, St Catharines, ON, L2R 6P7 Full time