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Tri-Star Seafood Supply Ltd.

Tri-Star Seafood pioneering effort in live seafood has enabled its live products to reach major centers in China, South East Asian, U.S.A. and Europe. Over 80% of its products are currently exported out of British Columbia to different parts of the world. Tri-Star Seafood offers various seafood products caught from the west and east coast of Canada and U.S.A. Tri-Star Seafood also carries several items from other parts of the world. To ensure a constant supply, Tri-Star Seafood works with the fishing boat and fisherman on contractual and strategic partnership. This concerted effort enables the company to stay one step ahead of competitors as well as achieving sustainable competitive advantages in its respective markets.

Aug 12, 2022  
$33,280 yearly
Job duties: ·   Unload crabs and other seafood from shipping trucks and transport them by hand or forklift truck to tanks and processing plant. ·   Check for any undersize seafood and reject accordingly, reject dead seafood. ·   Weight crabs and other seafood, record weight and pack them in Styrofoam boxes with gel pack ices and label on products ·   Sort out crabs and other seafood according to species and weight. ·   Load all labelled products of seafood to company trucks for exporting to overseas or delivering to local buyers. ·   Ensure Quality control & assurance for all products coming from the seafood room is fresh ·   Ensure that standards for sanitation and food safety are met or exceeded ·   Clean work stations, water tanks, and equipment daily ·  Check the temperatures of water tanks and freezers regularly to ensure the good quality of seafood ·   Transport supplies and packaging materials throughout...
Tri-Star Seafood Supply Ltd. 11751 Voyageur Way, Richmond B.C. V6X 3J4 Canada Full time