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  • 12 Fulmer Road, Brampton, ON, Canada
Jul 03, 2021  
Required a  Nanny (NOC: 4411)  for Three Children (7 Years, 3 Years, and 2 years) in Brampton, Ontario. As a Nanny (NOC: 4411) your duties will be: Nanny performs some or all the following duties: Supervise and care for children in employer’s residence Baths, dress, and feed children. Plan, prepare and serve meals for children and may perform other housekeeping duties. Oversee children's activities, such as meals and rest periods, as instructed by the employer Maintain a safe and healthy environment in the home Instruct children in personal hygiene Tend to the emotional well-being of children and support their social development Discipline children according to the methods requested by the parents Organize and participate in activities such as games, crafts, reading, and outings Take children to and from school and appointments. May be required to keep records of daily activities and health information regarding each child....
12 Fulmer Road, Brampton, On, L7A 4L9 Full time