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Bura Limited
  • 1220 Aerowood Drive, Mississauga, ON, L4W 1B7
Oct 11, 2021  
Bura Limited Bura Limited.  has an immediate opening for an experienced , Welder (NOC: 7237)  at our location in Mississauga, Ontario.  As a Welder (NOC: 7237), you will perform some or all of the following duties:  on welding, on welding, brazing and soldering equipment Read and interpret blueprints or welding process specification Determine weldability of materials. Ability to use and read various equipment (Arc welding machine, Gas welding machine) Welding parts in various directions; flat, horizontal, vertical, or overhead Consistently produce strong penetrated welds that are non ‐ porous Ability to distinguish various materials and gauges of materials Operate breaks; shears, metal shaping, straightening and bending machines, fit, and torch straighten metal, and other small tools. Operate oxygen arc cutting equipment (arc-air). (Aoc). Operate manual or semi-automatic, fully automated welding equipment. Operate manual or...
Bura Limited 1220 Aerowood Drive, Mississauga, ON, L4W 1B7 Full time